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Lance J.M. Steinhart, Esq.

Lance Steinhart is recognized as one of the leading telecommunications attorneys in the country.  Lance has provided legal regulatory counsel to over 600 companies.  In addition to his law practice, he was Founder and Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and General Counsel of Telecom Compliance Services, Inc. (TCS), the first company to provide outsourced ongoing regulatory compliance.  Lance founded TCS in 1995 and led the company to become a national leader in regulatory compliance services.  Lance successfully sold the company to Thomson Reuters in April 2006.

Lance formed FAS Tek Compliance Solutions, Inc. in June of 2011, which provides ongoing regulatory and transactional tax compliance services to primarily telecom providers.  He serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and General Counsel.  He is also Founder and Chairman of Expert Telecom Compliance, Inc. ("ETC"), which provides ongoing consulting, compliance and industry intelligence to Lifeline Service Providers.

Lance received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Syracuse University, a Juris Doctor, and Masters of Tax Law from Georgetown University Law Center.  He is a member of both the New York Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association, and was admitted to practice law in the State of Maryland. 

Lance is a member of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (COMPTEL), the Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA), and the American Bar Association (ABA).  Lance is currently a member of COMPTEL's Regulatory and Legislative Committee.  Lance was a member of the Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT f/ka TRA) and the International Prepaid Communications Association (IPCA), and previously served on the Internet Advisory Counsel for ASCENT, as well as on the Legal Affairs Committee for COMPTEL. 

Katie Zack
Katie joined the firm in 2018 and specializes in telecommunications and administrative law.  Katie handles matters regarding regulatory compliance; the federal Lifeline program and both federal and state Universal Service Funds (USF); FCC Compliance Plans; and FCC State Eligible Telecommunication Carrier petitions and certifications; and CAF II and RDOF.  Katie also represents clients before the FCC and state regulatory commissions. 

Katie has over 15-years of corporate law experience with multiple international financials services companies.  She has significant experience drafting and negotiating large complex deals involving both the private and public sectors, including local, state and federal regulatory matters. 

Katie earned her B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice form Northwestern University and received her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA.  She is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and currently resides in Milton, GA.
Heather Kirby

Heather focuses on Lifeline matters, including FCC Compliance Plans and Forbearance Petitions, ETC reporting compliance, and ETC Petitions and Certifications with the FCC and all state regulatory commissions.  Heather also has experience working on Tariffs,  and CLEC, IXC, VoIP, Data and CMRS Authorizations with all state regulatory commissions.

Heather received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University magna cum laude. Prior to joining the firm, Heather worked in the financial services industry, and later worked for Cumulus Media. Heather joined the firm in 2010.

Kali Reeves

Kali focuses on  CLEC, IXC, VoIP and Data  Petitions and Certifications, Secretary of State Authorizations, and Tariffs with the FCC and all state regulatory commissions.  Kali also has experience working on Lifeline matters, including FCC Compliance Plans, FCC and State ETC Petitions and Certifications, and Wireless / MVNO / CMRS Authorizations with the FCC and all state regulatory commissions.  In addition, Kali assists with corporate reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and transfers of control. 

Kali received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University. Prior to joining the firm, Kali served as a military paralegal in the U.S. Army. Kali joined the firm in 2010.

John "Jack" Mitchell

John “Jack” Mitchell joined the firm in 2020 and works primarily on regional Lifeline issues and has over 30 years of regulatory and legislative policy experience  Jack began his career as a Legislative Analyst and advisor to the Los Angeles City Council, where he focused on economic development policies, emergency operations and telecommunications issues. For the past 23 years Jack worked for AT&T as a Regional Director of External & Legislative Affairs in California and South Carolina.  Some of the issues he worked include regulatory deregulation, provider of last resort, CAF II and small cell deployment.  Jack spent several years in the Wholesale regulatory division working with CLECs and as a regulatory witness.


Jack received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Northeastern Illinois University and an MSW- Master of Social Work Syracuse University.  Jack is a graduate of the Riley Institute “Diversity Leaders Initiative” Fellow and is a two-time recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Victoria Martin

Victoria specializes in ETC compliance reporting, Secretary of State Authorizations, and CLEC, IXC, VoIP, and CMRS Petitions and Certifications with all state regulatory commissions.  Victoria also has experience working on Tariffs.

Victoria earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice magna cum laude from the University of North Georgia located in Dahlonega, Georgia.  She is a member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society and Alpha Phi Sigma.  Victoria joined the firm in 2016.